Shenzhen Mega Automatic Machinery Co, Ltd was established in Shenzhen, China,in 2009, specialized in designing and manufacturing series of CosmeticMachines and Packing Machines. It takes no more than 10 minutes to arriveairport and one hour to seaportby bus.


Our Factory covers an area of over 5000㎡square meters with workshops of 3000 ㎡ andoffice of 500 ㎡. Thereare over 120 skilled workers and 20 experienced engineers, whosupport our sales in 2016 exceeded RMB100,000,000 andan estimated 50% growth in 2017. Our well-equipped facilitiesand excellent quality control System in producing process enable us toguarantee our customer's satisfaction. Besides, HLT hadadopted ISO9001:2015 Quality System Authorities, CE certification, and 20 patents. 


We develop and produce Facial Beauty MaskMachines Originally, and now we design and export series of Cosmetic Machines,Facial Mask Machines and Rigid Box Making Machines. Our Cosmetic Machinery Lineincludes Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, Linear filling machine, cosmetic tubefilling and sealing machine, Lipstick machine and BB cream machine. And Foldingmachine, Six Facial Mask machine, High Speed Sealing and Shrinking Machine forMask machinery line. We also produce Packing machines such as Automatic RigidBox Machine, Rigid Box Making Machine and Rigid Box 4 Corner Pasting Machine.Products all are designed by our specialized technical teams.


Our factory is now a leading manufacturer and exporter of Mask machine Lines and Rigid Box machine Lines in China. It has developed astable market and enjoys a good reputation among many well-known companies suchas WATSONS, COSMAX, AMORE, KOLMAR. We devote to providing our customers withefficient production and top after-sales as well as qualified machines atcompetitive price.