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  • Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine

    Facial Mask Filling and Sealing Machine

    Automatic bag filling, sealing, coding or marking, and output

  • High Speed Double Channel Mask Folding Machine

    High Speed Double Channel Mask Folding Machine

    This is a kind of high speed folding machine, it can fold mask sheets about 3500pcs per hour, which is top speed in this field, and price is favorite to maks pack manufacturers.

  • BB Cream Machine

    BB Cream Machine

    This machine is mainly used for filling BB cream

  • Cartoning Machine

    Cartoning Machine

    This machine is widely applied in the closed automatic packaging box in the industries of pharmacy, food, healthy products, cosmetics, commodities and stationary, office supplies, article, etc. Main Features of Three-dimensional Packing Machine: Products packed by Three-dimensional Packing Machine with the functions of "three preventions and three enhancements". Three-dimensional Packing Machine is adopted imported PLC-control, operation system of mechanical electronic and gas integration. Reliable performance, convenient to use, Three-dimensional Packing Machine is advanced domestic box-type medium packaging combination or larger thing three-dimension packaging equipment.

  • Notching Machine

    Notching Machine

    Notching machine is for notching various types and models of gift boxes and paperboard boxes to make a beautiful appearance